Social Responsibility

SIJIA Group donated 300,000 yuan to the charitable fund of Aiyou Village

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On January 19th, the "Thousands of Enterprises Helping Thousands of Villages" condolence activity with the theme of "Dedicating Love, Building Harmony, Joining Hands with Charity, and Great Love Without Borders" organized by the Huanxi Town Government was held in Sijia Industrial Park. Huanxi Town Party Committee Secretary Feng Ming, Town People's Congress Chairman Wu Feng and other town government leaders, SIJIA Group Chairman Lin Shengxiong and other entrepreneurs and village representatives attended the event.

Previously, SIJIA had donated 300,000 yuan of charitable funds to Aiyou Village through the Fuzhou Guangcai Business Promotion Association, which was specially used for charitable assistance projects such as the outstanding student award, subsidies for the poor, and condolences for the elderly.

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