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Help Hong Kong, Suzhou Fight for Covid | SIJIA Membrane Material, Is Always Ready

2022-06-08    Source:    Hit:2170

In order to enhance Hong Kong's nucleic acid testing capacity, on the evening of February 18, the first set of fast loading negative pressure hard air membrane nucleic acid laboratory "Triumph " for Hong Kong has been set up and commissioned at Wong Chuk Hang Sports Stadium in Hong Kong. It was immediately put into use and its daily test volume can reach up to 50,000 tubes. On February 19, a "Falcon" hard air membrane laboratory, which contained a group of five capsules and was made by Sijia membrane, smoothly arrived in Hong Kong. It was currently the largest and most advanced single “Falcon” laboratory, with nucleic acid tests that can be carried out on up to 80,000 people(tubes) a day. After being put into use, Hong Kong's nucleic acid testing capability will be rapidly enhanced in a short period of time in coordination with existing capabilities.

In addition to helping Hong Kong, the "Falcon" hard air membrane laboratory, built with the help of Sijia membrane materials, also supported Suzhou in its fight against the epidemic and helped Suzhou to win the tough battle against the epidemic quickly. On the evening of February 15th, the “Falcon” hard air membrane laboratory arrived in Suzhou and was built and put into use within 24 hours. At about 8 a.m. on February 17th, the first samples arrived at the hard air membrane laboratory, and the “Falcon” was firing on all cylinders. Since February 17th, Suzhou “Falcon” air membrane laboratory has undertaken each round of nucleic acid screening tasks in Xiangcheng District for the first time, and all samples were tested within 24 hours after being received.

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