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“Olympic Winter Games with You and Me” | SIJIA Tent Material Applicated to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-01-04    Source:    Hit:1220

The 2022 Winter Olympics was held in Beijing, starting on Feb. 02.

SIJIA provided tent material to build tents for the Winter Olympics together with Liri Construction Technology(SIJIA’s partner). The fabrics were welded to be the top and walls of the tents for public lounge, public restaurant, news release hall, athletes' lounge, snow cart repair garage, parking garage and media center etc.

Tent building, a kind of temporary architecture, can be built flexibly. It breaks through the terrain constraints of traditional buildings and can be freely spliced, which is well-matched with the mountain competition field of the Winter Olympics. Sijia tent materials can be easily welded to meet the width requirements of the prefabricated tents and provide efficient solutions for temporary architecture in mountainous areas.

Tent building also has the advantages of easily disassembled and less construction waste. Sijia serves high-quality tent materials which are in line with the concept of sustainable development and “Green Olympic”.

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