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Unity Is Strength/Sijia Membrane Added Energy for the Fight against the Epidemic

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In 2021, the global COVID-19 epidemic continued to evolve and multiple outbreaks happened interiorly which posed new challenges to China's fight against the epidemic. In the face of the complex and volatile situation of the epidemic, General Secretary Xi Jinping had repeatedly stressed that even at the end of the epidemic, we should take it as seriously as we did at the beginning, and resolutely overcome torpid thoughts, war-weary mood, fluke psychology and lax mentality to prevent and control the epidemic unrelenting.

Mobile nucleic acid testing laboratories play a huge role in epidemic prevention and control because they can greatly increase nucleic acid testing capacity, contain the development of the epidemic, and empower people to fight the epidemic. Therefore, the internal and external construction of mobile nucleic acid testing laboratory is very important. In addition to the high-tech internal facilities, the material selection of the nucleic acid testing laboratory’s "shell" is also very important. Sijia membrane material as nucleic acid testing laboratory’s external structure selection material, has excellent material properties and was widely recognized by the industry. As a reserve force for normal epidemic prevention and control, the hard air membrane laboratory built by Sijia membrane material has always been on the road ahead of epidemic prevention and control which provided help for all provinces and regions of the country.

In October 2021, a group of "Falcon" hard air membrane laboratories with five capsules in one was officially put into operation in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. They cooperated with the Lanzhou Central Laboratory and the "Falcon" mobile laboratory in Zhangye to help local authorities block the transmission chain of the epidemic. In addition, another group of "Falcon" hard air membrane laboratory with five capsules in one, as the first air membrane laboratory stationed in Ningxia, was officially put into use in Yinchuan gymnasium. They undertook nucleic acid testing in several cities, and can test nucleic acid samples from up to 800,000 people a day, which has increased Ningxia's nucleic acid testing capacity by a third.

In November 2021, a group of "Falcon” hard air membrane laboratories with five capsules in one built by Sijia membrane materials was set up in Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center. They received nucleic acid samples from all people in Harbin, which greatly increased the testing capacity and played an important role in containing the spread of the epidemic in Heilongjiang. This was the second time for “Falcon’’ hard air membrane laboratory to support nucleic acid testing in Heilongjiang. As early as September this year, when the epidemic broke out in Harbin, the “Falcon” hard air membrane laboratory was put into use to support Harbin in carrying out several rounds of nucleic acid tests for all people in a short period of time, and successfully controlled the epidemic. It has tested more than 3.8 million people.

In November 2021, in order to greatly improve nucleic acid testing capacity in a short time, the "Di’anleidi" hard air membrane laboratory with two groups and three cabins in one began to be built in the night of November 12, and was officially put into use on November 13. It injected an important force into Shangrao city in Jiangxi Province to control the spread of the epidemic.

On December 12, 2021, under the emergency deployment of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission, a set of "Falcon" hard air membrane laboratory with five cabins in one rushed to Shaoxing. It arrived at Shaoxing Olympic Sports Center in less than 6 hours, completed the construction of air membrane and pre-experiment work in 16 hours, and officially put into use at 2 am on December 13. It began to undertake large-scale nucleic acid test samples from Shangyu District and Yuecheng District of Shaoxing City, and became the earliest and fastest air membrane laboratory engaged in the "battle" in this round of epidemic prevention in Zhejiang Province.

On December 23, 2021, a new round of nucleic acid testing was officially launched in Xi 'an. Four groups of "multi-cabin combination" hard air membrane square laboratory, which was made with the help of Sijia membrane material, was deployed in Xi 'an International Convention and Exhibition Center and officially put into full use. It is reported that the four hard air membrane laboratories can complete up to 500,000 tubes per day of detection, and is expected to test 5 million people a day. This move will greatly improve the speed of the current Xi 'an national nucleic acid testing.

In order to enhance Hong Kong's nucleic acid testing capacity, on the evening of February 18, the first set of fast loading negative pressure hard air membrane nucleic acid laboratory "Triumph " for Hong Kong has been set up and commissioned at Wong Chuk Hang Sports Stadium in Hong Kong. It was immediately put into use and its daily test volume can reach up to 50,000 tubes. On February 19, a "Falcon" hard air membrane laboratory, which contained a group of five capsules and was made by Sijia membrane, smoothly arrived in Hong Kong. It was currently the largest and most advanced single “Falcon” laboratory, with nucleic acid tests that can be carried out on up to 80,000 people(tubes) a day. After being put into use, Hong Kong's nucleic acid testing capability will be rapidly enhanced in a short period of time in coordination with existing capabilities.

In addition to helping Hong Kong, the "Falcon" hard air membrane laboratory, built with the help of Sijia membrane materials, also supported Suzhou in its fight against the epidemic and helped Suzhou to win the tough battle against the epidemic quickly. On the evening of February 15th, the “Falcon” hard air membrane laboratory arrived in Suzhou and was built and put into use within 24 hours. At about 8 a.m. on February 17th, the first samples arrived at the hard air membrane laboratory, and the “Falcon” was firing on all cylinders. Since February 17th, Suzhou “Falcon” air membrane laboratory has undertaken each round of nucleic acid screening tasks in Xiangcheng District for the first time, and all samples were tested within 24 hours after being received.

In the face of the epidemic, many places are upgrading epidemic prevention and control measures, Sijia membrane is also contributing to the fight against the epidemic. To fight against the epidemic, Sijia membrane material is duty-bound to play its own advantages, improve the efficiency of nucleic acid testing, control the spread of the epidemic, and help the country win the battle against the epidemic. Since the epidemic, Sijia membrane can be seen everywhere. Where there is an epidemic, there is Sijia membrane. In the face of the epidemic, Sijia bravely took social responsibility, used Sijia membrane materials to help our country to build nucleic acid testing laboratory and to contribute to the fight against the epidemic!

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