Double Membrane Biogas Material

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Product Introduction 
Double membrane-gas storage tank material is mainly consist of the base membrane (except integration gas tank), inner membrane, outer membrane, constant voltage control box, safety protection device and its matched control equipment & auxiliary materials.
According to the kinds of different forms and specifications of gas storage tank, SIJIA can supply with corresponding base membrane, inner membrane and outer membrane for the special gas storage tank material.
Base membrane: Using to seal the understructure to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion and anti-seepage that the traditional facility can’t achieve.
Inner membrane: Isolating the storage gas and the pressure regulating gas in outer membrane.
Outer membrane: Creating surge-chamber with inner membrane to output the gas from inner membrane and protect it.
Outer membrane is joint with the base membrane and inner membrane or joint with fermentation tank, which is to be a shell to protect inner membrane and keep the pressure in gas storage.
Controller: Detecting the gas storage pressure and inner membrane bulk, on the basis of the inner membrane bulk, leakage concentration and discharge to pour into the air automatically to adjust pressure.
Safety protection device: Releasing the air in pressure room and set free the excessive air at inner membrane section.
Theory: Creating an airtight storage space by base membrane and outer membrane. The air storage is separated from store space and adjusted space by inner membrane. When inner membrane go up with the gas, safety protection device will release the gas to spare some capacity, to deliver the gas into gas storage. 
If inner membrane rises to the ultimate limit and under pressure meanwhile, the safety protection device will release the gas in inner membrane to reach the purpose of protecting the inner membrane out of pressures.
Double Membrane-gas Storage Material is covering with integrated gas storage for high pressures and large volumes, to Store various neutral gases such as methane, air, carbon dioxide, oxygen, etc.. Double membrane gas storage tank and other equipment to build a complete biogas purification system, can be used in agricultural production, such as greenhouse warming, agricultural products drying, food and fruit preservation, etc..
For residential area, biogas power generation to do mechanical power, large and medium-sized biogas project can be used to generate electricity, boilers, processing food, heating, etc.. The outer membrane of the spherical or cylindrical double film gas storage tank can resist various climate changes.

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