Membrane Structure

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Product Introduction
Membrane structure, which can realize the perfect combination of architectural design and Large space structure, is a new type of building structure system. That is widely applied throughout the world because of its shape free and lightness, easy to make and install, safely using.
SIJIA TF Membrane takes innovative technology and Nano TiO2 surface treatment, which can absorb and reflect plenty of ultraviolet, and then reducing the membrane destruction from ultraviolet (UV), extending the lasting time of products. Meanwhile, the products will be durable and beautiful because of the self-cleaning function.
With most technical innovated coating line and professional technical team, SIJIA focuses on R&D and innovation of membrane materials, meets the demands of different fields of application, and promotes the development of excellent self-cleaning anti-fouling performance
Tensioned membrane structure:Large-scale stadium, park landscape, Car park ,toll station, etc..
Single layer or Double layers gas-bearing type membrane structure:Industrial Mine Storage, Plant Garden, Badminton Hall, Tennis Hall, Hockey Hall, Biogas Tank Covers, Gas Tank, etc..
Shadings Architecture : Stadium, Shopping Malls, Entertainment Center, Exhibition Centers, etc..

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