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Product Introduction 
Sijia is providing a new material for the global market——Sijia DWF(double wall fabric), which it is with 3D hollow structure. By using 3D weaving technology, the two layers of base fabric are connected together with the pile yarns. Due to the different ways of the pile yarns, the surface shape of Sijia DWF can be a pattern like wavy (W shape), starr y, linear, and other surface shapes can be customized such as X shapes. Since each pile yarn thread has got the same length which define the maximum distance between the two base fabrics, Sijia DWF keeping of the desired shape of the hollow body - a dimensionally-stable surface, smooth and excellent flexibility.
The 3D hollow structure gives Sijia DWF lighter weight and better specific strength. The breaking strength of equally long pile yarns can reach more than 1Mpa (10 atm, 145PSI), so it is very safe to use, and not worry about the fracture problem of pile yarns completely.
The routine use pressure of DWF is under 20 PSI. With a special PVC airtight coated, the adhesion strength of Sijia DWF can reach more than 150 N/5CM, so not worry about the ply separation or burst problem.
Keep exploring and developing customer - oriented products,
Sijia is committed to working with you together innovative product applications and design space.
By using 3D weaving technology, the two layers of base fabric are connected together with the pile yarns. Sijia DWF can be formed into different surface shapes with dimensionally-stable, smooth surface and excellent flexibility.
Water games and Sports Projects
Inflatable SUP Board(Air Sur fboard)
Waterplay and Sports Park
Water Floating Row/Running Belt
Water Recreation/Sightseeing Pavilion
Inflatable Life Raft
V-shape Inflatable Boat hull
Inflatable boat Stop Cushion
Sport Leisure Projects
Sports Fitness/Gymnastics Facilities(Air Gym、Air Track、Air Floor) 
Inflatable Swimming/Baby Pool
Yoga Mat
Outdoor Camping Mat
Inflatable Sofa
Air Car Mat
Safety Protection facilities
Fire Rescue/Escape Air-Cushion
Flood Control Air Cushion
Impact Cushioning/Buffer
Sound Isolating Wall
Medical Bed
Inflatable Lifting Bags Others 
Inflatable Tents Stent
The Cow Mat
Portable Advertising Display Wallt

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