Airtight Material

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Sijia Airtight Material including airtight pool material and airtight boat materialwhich are ideal for the most diverse inflatable productsare a series of specially designed for aquatic sport. The airtight pool material are widely used for the manufacture of aquatic leisure and recreation, aquaarena etc.. The airtight boat material are mainly used for military boat, rescue boat, kayaks, fishing bout or rafting bout.  

The material is the product of technical innovation. At least four layers of PVC are combined with a high-strength polyester base fabric. Each single layer give the property such as flexibility, elasticity, airtightness or resistance against mechanical damage, wear and abrasion, UV, weather and etc.. Sijia airtight material are safe without toxic, environment friendly in accordance with the European REACh, RoHS and PAHs directive.

Product Characteristics

High air tights

Extremely good tensile, tearing and adhesion strength.

Long life due to high UVweatherabrasion and impact resistance.

Good welding and bonding properties.

Easy and quickly to the next procedure processing, and simply to assemble and use.

Extra characteristics: REACh, EN-71, RoHS, CPSIA, ASTM D963, UV resistance, Anti- chemical, Anti-bacteria, Anti-Mildew, Flame retardantetc.

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