Waterproof Membrane

Release time:2016-08-27 17:11  
 SIJIA had developed and produced new waterproof membrane with special 9A quality standard according to market demand. SIJIA waterproof membrane materials has the following significant advantages:

Convenient construction, short period of construction, unnecessary maintaining after forming, not affected by temperature, little pollution, the layer easy to be controlled, accurate calculation of materials, convenient management, the thickness layer equality, effectively overcomes the basis stress when unfolding (keeping the waterproof layer as a whole when there is a large crack in the base).

The layer of waterproof plays a very important role in this construction; it means i t can be under construction with different thickness according to requirement and structural stress, to be economical using of waterproof materials.

Product Characteristics

Excellent physical property with perfect impermeability, high temperature resistance, UV resistant and long lifetime

Safe, environment-friendly and energy saving for no need to use solvent and fuel when working

High tensile strength and elongation rate, highly flexibility at low temperature


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